"Time turns flames to embers, you'll have new Septembers. Everyone of us has messed up too. Lives change like weather; I hope you remember, today is never too late to be brand new."

Taylor Swift, Innocent

**It wasn't easy for me to choose which song to quote from Taylor's new album. I am OBSESSED with every song. Like I've said before, she seems to write songs about my life. Maybe I can talk to her and get her to sing some happier songs... It's never good when the songs you relate too are called "Haunted," "Last Kiss," and "Dear John." At least I'm not comparing myself to Ke$ha songs anymore... HAH! Rough times.
[image via sarah ellen]

"Don't let your soul get lonely, child. It's only time, it will go by. Don't look for love in faces, places, it's in you, that's where you'll find kindness."
Ray LaMontagne, Be Here Now
"True love cannot be found where it does not truly exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does."

Max Abbitt, Kissing a Fool