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"I tell myself all the words he surely meant to say. I'll talk until the conversation doesn't stay on. Wait for me, I'm almost ready... when he meant let go."

Sarah Bareilles, Between the Lines
"Don't look for love, beg for love, or suffer for love. Just live."

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Carrie: "...'And Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever after.' You know that this is just a fairytale, right, sweetheart? I mean things don't always happen like this in real life. I just think you should know that now."

Lily: "Again!"

Carrie: "And another one bites the dust..."

Carrie Bradshaw and Lily York, Sex and the City
"I'm captivated by you, baby, like a firework show."

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"Drop everything now, meet me in the pouring rain. Kiss me on the sidewalk, take away the pain."

Taylor Swift, Sparks Fly