"Let the summer fill my lungs and superstition fill my brain."

Kacey Musgraves, Dandelion

  1. Forest Found Hook, Bronze -- Anthropologie
  2. Le Creuset Cook and Bakeware -- Le Creuset
  3. The Baker's, The Chemist's, and the Refracted Ambiance Jars -- Anthropologie
  4. Georgia State Pendant Necklace -- Kris Nations
  5. Outbound Jacket -- Madewell
  6. Classics Collection -- Barnes & Noble
  7. Industrial Side Tables -- Anywhere
  8. Creature Kingdom Hook, Deer -- Anthropologie
  9. Q & A a Day -- Anthropologie
  10. Gold Pig Bookends Set -- CB2
" Gonna lay my bricks, and park my car . Gonna sow my seeds somewhere, but home is where you are ."

Eli Young Band, Home

" Otis Redding makes me feel good, dancin' in the kitchen barefoot . "

Sara Evans, Otis Redding

As for Me and My New House

This is always my favorite part of moving somewhere new ... the brainstorming stage . Thankfully there are websites like polyvore that allow me to put the pictures in my head on to something better than a post it note with scribbles of blueprints . These are my ideas for the entryway and the coffee station .  Personally , I'm obsessed with the idea of a coffee station because we all know , everyday begins and ends with coffee .

After about a year long hiatus, I am back in the blog world.  I've missed it for quite some time, but was hesitant to come back for multiple reasons:
  1. Ain't nobody got time for that .
  2. Pinterest is easier .
  3. My boyfriend admitted that upon meeting me, he caught wind about my blog, proceeded to read it, and then believed me to be a craycray emotional basket case.
While blogging DOES take a little bit of time, pinterest IS the lazy version of blogger, and I AM a little bit cray cray... I got a wild hair and decided to come back.  I was missing the outlet blogging gave me for my love of music, design, and art, plus the therapeutic effects of an online diary weren't bad either.  My final push, however, was the message I got months back from a follower named Anita from Argentina:
" My name is Anita , and I usually take a look at your blog , and lately you haven't updated it , so I was wondering ... No more posts?  They helped me a lot in some situations I've had lately ...  It's so wonderful all that you post . I can't wait to see the next one .  Kisses from Argentina ... xoxox "
After rereading that message, I decided hell, if anyone out there is even getting the slightest satisfaction from my emotional purging, at least it's not for nothing.  So that being said, get ready because I'm doing it up big.  More song lyrics, more quotes, and more pictures that just make me happy--I'm back and I'm ready.  Emotional roller coaster HERE WE COME.